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How To Increase Health, Longevity & Healthspan


An integrated lifestyle approach for health, and treatment and reversal of chronic disease


Assess biomarkers of aging, and address the underlying causes of disease through lifestyle and other analyses


Identifying the path forward for your optimal health

The Plan & Approach

Your state of health and recovery from disease is dependent on your aging biomarkers and the integration and balance of:

Start The Journey to Achieve These Benefits

  • Transform biomarkers of aging
  • Restore vitality, happiness and health
  • Slow cellular deterioration & aging
  • Defend against chronic disease
  • Maintain skin health
  • Boost natural energy levels
  • Improve mental acuity
  • Increase both healthy-longevity and health span

Our approach is based on a combination of:

  • healthy-longevity medicine
  • proactive, predictive, preventative and personalized evidence-based health solutions
  • powerful functional and lifestyle medicine
  • application of various aging and health biomarkers to measure current state and progress
  • our progressive healthcare and wellness knowledge and perspective, integrated with
  • our strong Traditional Chinese Medicine clinical experience, principles, and foundation

Together with you, our common goal is to:

  • understand likely root-causes that may explain your present state of health
  • determine a path forward for you to regain your health
  • identify a strategy to retain and maintain your health, and
  • implement key principles of disease prevention
  • enhance your health span and healthy-longevity

Overview of How It Works

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