Does Your Present Diet Have A Purpose?

What is the reason for deciding on your chosen diet? Is it weight loss or gain, body shaping, disease prevention, trends, longevity, etc? There are several reasons, and they may be short term and/or long term. But I suggest you first find the purpose before you decide on your diet.

What should be your proportions of macro-nutrients – protein, fat and carbohydrate – in each meal and how many calories should be in each meal? What micro-nutrients – minerals and vitamins – are important for you? What is your targeted fiber content? How often should you eat, and how many meals per day? What is your eating ‘window’ per day – 16 hours, 12 hours, 8 hours, etc? Should there be periods of fasting?

To decide all of these criteria you need to consider your present medical condition, insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance, toxin exposure, lifestyle, exercise habits, age, sleep pattern, stress levels, and any changes occurring or desired in your life.

Your diet is unique to you, and it doesn’t need to have a label. Decide for yourself rather than simply follow a fad, trend or a headline.

What, why, when and how you eat is the primary choice you can make that will affect whether you live to 60, 80, 100, or 110—and more important, whether you will get there in good health. Get advice from the right people educated with the right education and knowledge. Today that is most likely not to be your doctor.

Do not fall into the ‘eat everything in moderation’ trap. Moderation is relative and has no meaning in deciding what your diet should be to achieve your goals. Changing your diet to gear it toward healthy longevity will take some work. But it will be much easier than you imagine, and in many cases it will be more beneficial than drug therapies when you factor in both efficacy and side effects.